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Scoliosis Treatment

The treatment of scoliosis begins with the evaluation and diagnosis. In cases of slight scoliosis, physiotherapy treatment involves exercises specific to patients with scoliosis. In cases of moderate scoliosis, treatment consists of exercises and the use of an orthopaedic brace. Some cases of scoliosis progress to become severe and in these cases, surgery to stabilise the vertebral column is required.



The clinical evaluation of the patient with scoliosis consists of functional testing, photographic postural evaluation, measurements and discussions around quality of life as well as an x-ray evaluation of the patient.


Scoliosis Brace

Orthopaedic treatment is the creation of an individualised and personalised brace that the patient should wear for as many hours as possible depending on their stage of growth.


Follow Up & Exercises

Physiotherapy treatment follows international standards set by SOSORT and they define specific physiotherapy exercises for scoliosis. These exercises are based on the education of the patient, 3D auto-correction, posture correction, and daily exercises.

Endorsed by
the worldwide association SOSORT.


Further Reading

Scientific evidence: If you would like to read scientific articles related to several aspects of scoliosis, such as aetiology, conservative treatment, orthopaedic and rehabilitation, published in some of the most relevant scientific magazines that form the basis of our methodology and philosophy behind our approach to scoliosis.

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